Web Application Install

Need help and expertise installing a web application? No worries, we’ll do it for you.


WordPress is a popular choice for website development due to its user-friendly interface, extensive plugin ecosystem, and customizable themes.


Installing a CRM can be complex but no doubt crucial for eCommerce businesses. Centralize data, personalize marketing, boost sales.


ERP installation can be challenging but essential. Streamline operations, manage inventory, automate processes, enhance efficiency.

Project Management

For many eCommerce businesses a Project Management app is vital, providing efficient task management, collaboration and improved productivity.


Image, music and video based apps can be challenging to install due to the need for efficient storage, bandwidth optimization and file format compatibility.

Help Desk

Help and support tools can be challenging due to integration with existing systems and customization for specific business needs.

POS Systems

Installing a Point of Sale system can be challenging due to hardware setup, software integration and employee training.


Installing marketplace apps can be challenging due to complex functionalities, data management, and customization requirements.

& Many More

LMS (Learning Management Systems), Advertising Systems, Bookings, Affiliate Systems, Search, Directory, Food Delivery, Social Networking, etc.

Pricing is dependent on the web application(s) to be installed – starting at £50.

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